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Kindergarten is Hoot!!




Welcome to Mrs. Greta’s Class

My name is Greta Phillips. I went to college at Lincoln Memorial University. I am married to Danny Phillips. We have four beautiful children: Courtney, Joshua, Braxton, and Dalton.  I love my job!!! I get excited every year to meet my new class. Kindergarten is a fun time to learn new and exciting things. I cannot wait to meet my class!!!

I have a Facebook page that keeps parents informed of what is happening in class/school. It is called Owlsome Kinders. Please join us!!! Also, for behavior, I do something called "DoJo" . It is a free app to download. On a desktop computer, you have to go to www.classdojo.com. I will give you a code to sign up. I can keep you informed of what is happening in class/school as well as showing your childs' behavior and text me if there is a change in the way your child goes home that day.


May Activities

Monday:  Movies

Tuesday: Field Day:  Make sure to wear Sun Screen

Wednesday: Wear that sunscreen again.

Blue and Gold Game @ 1:00 . Concessions will be sold.

Thursday: Regular Day

Friday: Graduation @ 1:00 P.M. Have a Great Summer!!!

Please meet classes out side of gym by the water machine just like we did at variety show. Have a great summer!!!Each year is hard to say good bye to my wonderful class. Its a day filled with mixed emotions for me. I'm proud at how much they have grown, but it's hard to let them go. The following year, I love for them to stop by or see me in the hall and talk. I never forget them. It makes me smile inside to know they remember me. I love each one of my angel babies.



Wish List: Any extras of the  following items would be appreciated:

Stick glue, bottle glue, pencils, crayons, Baby wipes or Clorox wipes, and Kleenx Tissues


Just a few reminders.....

Please, send a snack with your child everyday.

You may want to keep extra clothes in his/her backpack in case of an accident.


Please keep the office and  myself informed if phone numbers change.

Please , note that attendance does count in kindergarten. If your

child is not at school, you may put either a Dr. excuse or parent note inside daily folder. I will turn it in to the office. Students will have a daily folder that we will use to communicate. Dr. excuses, notes from home, homework, etc. can be found inside. I will check folders daily.

Kindergarten teachers send weekly newsletters and /or notes home so parents are aware of upcoming skills and school activities. Please read the newsletters.

Kindergarteners must take T-CAP test in the spring. We learn and/or review skills daily to prepare your child for the test. It is extremely important that your child attends school everyday.






Caught being good:

1. Free time.

2. Prize from tressure box.

3. Teacher helper


Rules: Consquences:

1. Listen the first time.                                     1. Warning

2. Keep hand, feet, and objects to yourself.        2.  5 mins. recess.

3. Allow the teacher to teach.                            3. 10 mins. recess.

4. 15 mins. recess.

5. Office and parent contacted.


Some websites that will help your child are the following:



















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